Business Growth Consulting

Currently your business may face any of the following challenges

Profitability is reasonably HEALTHY now, but not sure about its SUSTAINABILITY in future.
Profitability is in decreasing trend, business survival is under threat
Business is not making profits, need Turnaround strategy and execution

If any of the above is applicable to your business, We are RIGHT RESOURCE to help you to bring NEXT LEVEL GROWTH.

What we do

We work along with you as your PARTNER from identification of problem , devising the right solutions and implementing in your organization till we show you the RESULTS .

Our Consulting Partnership Methodology

Our Unique approach

We will not sell any readymade application tools/ techniques and show short term solutions .

We analyse your business performance data , understand your problem, your organization culture and we customize the solutions to make long lasting impact in your business processes and result on long term basis.

Our solutions are combination of management processes , tools , techniques and facilitation across your entire organization .It is based on the principle of LEAN BUSINESS SYSTEM THINKING

From our experience , we realized that each business and organization is unique and problems are specific to particular organization.Hence we customize the solutions based on the issues the business is facing.

We provide the combination of below solutions to increase the profitability and take the business to next level

Consultancy Partnership solutions based on lean business thinking

  • Productivity Improvement through Industrial Engineering
  • Lean Workplace design and implementation
  • Plant Layout design and Implementation
  • Lean project Management design and Implementation
  • Performance design (KPI ) and Target setting
  • Performance deployment and Review
  • Cost Efficiency Management Initiatives.

Some of our key achievements

Business Transformation

  • In casting manufacturing company ,Improved the Topline growth by 45 % and profitability growth from loss to breakeven point by improving the customer delivery service level from average 60 % to 85 % and organization drive towards assets utilization and efficiency improvements .

Productivity Improvement

  • Improved Productivity by 30 % in assembly line of 2 wheeler manufacturing plant by redesigning the workplace, line balancing and methods improvement
  • Implemented Flow manufacturing system from batch production in cycle manufacturing company and improved productivity by 35 % within a year time .Set the new trend in manufacturing system across all plants .

Lean Plant Layout design and Implementation

  • Redesigned entire Plant Layout for new product facilities with Lean concepts in automobile company
  • Designed lean flow plant layout for disposable cup manufacturing unit as greenfield project.

Customer Delivery service improvement

  • Improved delivery actualization from 60 % to 92 % by implementing Implemented Cellular Manufacturing Concepts for multi customer product family in auto ancillary unit.

Change management Initiatives

  • Facilitated in Implementing lean system as part of Culture building in Consumer durable company from strategy formulation to shop floor implementation.
  • Implemented Lean Concepts in New Product Development.