Business Turnaround solutions

If your business profitability is in declining trend or in negative for last 2 years, the existing business processes, people mindset must be reengineered for profitability. With our experience in turnaround of small organizations, we work with you in constraints areas, implement the solutions along with your team and show you the business profitability

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Business Growth solutions

Your business may be good today. However, moving from small to emerging organization requires different business processes, Team capability and product lines. Most of the organization struggles during transition time from playing small to growing big. We help you to identify the potential improvement areas in organizational development, develop the framework and work with your team to implement the solutions

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Capability Building- Training & Facilitation

Your organizational strength depends on the people you employed and how they are competent in their job. Each level in your organization requires different type of capability development. We help you in designing and developing required competency to your team on Functional and Managerial through our proven project based Training intervention .

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1-1 Performance Coaching

Even though training programmes give awareness and perspective to individual, we realized that some business owners / CEO’s / top leadership team requires one to one customized personal coaching for next level growth. The power of our coaching process is that it would challenge top leaders beliefs and values to achieve NEXT LEVEL GROWTH and at the end of the coaching process,

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Whom We Serve

Losing Customer due to Delivery / Quality Issues
  • Identifying the constraint
  • Eliminating the constraints with right process
  • Hand holding to implement the solutions
  • Showing the results
Declining Operating profit
  • Identifying the cost driver
  • Using right cost optimization Tools
  • Showing the cost saving potentials
  • Helping to implement the solutions
Improving project management process
  • Designing customized project management process
  • Implementing the process across the organizations
Assessment of Business Processes w.r.t world-class practices
  • Assessing the overall business process w.r.t. World class practices
  • Standards on safety ,Quality Systems,Manufactirng excellence, Product Development and People engagement aspects
  • Identifying the best practices and gaps
Delay and failure of new products development
  • Designing customized new product development- project management process
  • Implementing the project management across the organizations.
Building Performance driven Culture
  • Cultivating the culture of “One team, One Target”
  • Implementing Change management process & Practices
  • Designing and executing right developmental programmes
  • Hand holding the execution

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