1-1 Performance Coaching to CEO / Top Leadership Team

Even though training programmes give awareness and perspective to individual , we realized that some business owners / ceo’s / top leadership team requires one to one customized personal coaching for next level growth .The power of our coaching process is that it would challenge top leaders beliefs and values to achieve NEXT LEVEL GROWTH and at the end of the coaching process , they get convinced about their potential , beliefs and behavior change to drive their team towards growth .As certified performance coach , we ensure the coaching principles throughout the process and ensure the confidentiality.

Objective of 1-1 performance coaching

  • To gain new perspective about Self and Leadership Style to drive Personal & Business success.
  • To gain awareness on business skill gap as CEO and Top Leadership team and derive action plan

Coaching Methodology

  • One to One –Personal Interaction
  • Self Assessment on Leadership Behavior & Style
  • Sharing Practical Perspective of concepts
  • Homework to reflect and apply in real and business situations between sessions

Tentative Flow of Coaching content

  • Preliminary Expectation Assessment of coaching

  • Self Assessment of Leadership behavior , style and practices

  • Identify TOP 3 gap on Behavior and skill development area as CEO

  • Values and Belief Assessment

  • Change in Belief system based on Assessment

  • Arriving Future state map for personal and business success

  • Identify the critical Actions to meet the future state

  • Arrive KPI for both personal and Business actions

  • Facilitate the actions until the mutually agreed period.

Key deliverables @ end of the coaching

  • Know your strength and weak spot

  • Know your beliefs system and how it affects you

  • Convert your limiting beliefs into empowering belief

  • Usage of powerful business tools for success in personal and business life

  • Self-confidence and clarity about actions.

  • Power of Focus and consistent action for big results.

Success Stories