Business Growth Solutions

When the organization is managing the existing customer base well with decent profit margin and growth progression, the struggle starts on the next level growth from managing a few customers to managing multiple customers, professional team and complex business challenges.

Some organization struggles to move from “solo” or “family” entrepreneurship to “professional” organization to leverage the external opportunities in the global market.

We help those organizations on “Building capability development for exponential growth”.

Given the above context, our solution methodology is as follows

Solutions Methodology

Depending upon the organizational growth drivers, we design right business and operational processes and inculcate the process in the organization as a regular practices to improve the organizational capability for growth.

Business Growth Solutions

Typical focus areas for bussniess growth solutions

Organization Design & Development

 This includes design and Implement

  • Manpower planning process
  • Recruitment and engagement of new employees
  • Employee engagement program
  • Redesign organizational structure, with clear accountability, roles and responsibility
  • Organization wide performance management systems
  • Revisiting compensation and incentive plan

Problem solving capability improvement

We help your organizations to

  • Create environment for problem solving
  • Educate team towards solving the problem

New product development capability

We help you to develop the organization capability on new product development in the following areas

  • Customers order procurement process
  • Design and validation process
  • Manufacturing process
  • Supply chain Improvement
  • Costing & Pricing decisions
  • Organizational NPD integration

Marketing and Sales functional capability:

Help your organizational capability on

  • Developing order pipeline process
  • Pitching your organization for order procurement
  • Product portfolio management
  • 1+3 sales forecasting process

Financial management process

Re-engineer your financial management process to streamline your

  • Working capital management
  • Payable / Receivables flow improvement
  • Identifying cost optimization opportunities from Profit or Loss Statement (P&L Analysis)
  • Restructure product costing and pricing aspects
  • Break even analysis and facilitation to improve your profitability

IT enabled solutions – Frame work design

Help you organization to

  • Leverage IT enabled solution in critical business process
  • Identify the right solution partner
  • Map the existing process Vs IT enabled process and bring the change management in adopting IT enabled solutions
  • Coordinate to implement IT solutions

Case study examples of Business Growth Solutions

 Business growth solution in Leather processing organization

We helped the organization to initialize the following

  • New product development process
  • Problem solving capability in supply chain problem

It helped the organization to reduce the new product delivery lead time by 30 % and First time acceptance improved from 75% to 95%


Business growth solution in Casting & Machining organization

 The organization growth continues 15% every year and moved from single customer to multiple customers and single location to multiple location.

We helped in the following Business growth solutions like

  • Organization wide performance management
  • NPD capability
  • Organization design and development


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