How do you measure organizational maturity on problem solving competency?

One of the differentiators between the organization is people and their problem-solving competency inside the organization. Developing the organization towards performance culture or problem-solving orientation is the biggest challenge for the business head and also the responsibility of the business head.

Unlike, capacity enhancement or technology upgrade, bringing the culture of problem-solving will not happen overnight as this calls for systematic, consistent people development and creating an environment inside the organization.

Any organization can be measured by maturity level regarding problem-solving competency using the below framework.

Level 0: No data availability
Level 1: Availability of data
Level 2: No structured Analysis
Level 3: Gaining Insight from Analysis
Level 4: Converging  into solutions approach
Level 5: Implementation focus
Level 6: Track performance through metrics

Relook at your organization’ problem-solving competency based on the above maturity framework. Be aware of your current status and actions required to move to the next level!

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