Need for organizationwide performance management system

Deployment of one performance metric from business level to individual level

As we discussed earlier “what you measure, will get focus and control.” Measuring business, functional and individual through performance metrics will drive the behavior and actions.

Organisation-wide performance management systems mean from top of the organization to the bottom of the organization have a COMMON GOAL, deployed to all levels, with a different set of objectives which will have linkages with COMMON GOAL.

For example, a business goal of achieving X % net profit is to be deployed from top to bottom levels of the organization and everyone will have same focus to achieve the goal. But the fact is business metrics cannot be populated down the level as such as it is very difficult for the people to understand.

To engage all levels of people, deployment of business objectives to the down the level with supporting objectives are being done. For example, a business goal is further broken down into the functional level goal, in turn, the functional level goal is further broken down as an individual goal. By achieving the goal at the individual level, the functional goals are achieved. By ensuring functional goal achievement, the business goals are achieved.

Now let us discuss why does company require organization-wide performance deployment?

1 Organization-wide common performance deployment promotes performance s oriented culture over a period of time.
2. It differentiates performer and non performer.
3. It engages individual and the team, and it is a natural team building process
4. The team understands each other’s challenges and helps each other for a common goal.
4. It helps to improve individual / functional efficiency as constraints are exposed .
5. eventually, the organization migrates from functional orientation to organizational goal achievement orientation, and this drives solutions-oriented mindset among the team.

Driving organization towards solutions-oriented culture is a paramount priority of business head, and organizational wide performance deployment will help to achieve the mission !!

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