Why 1-1 coaching is required for CEO or Business Head of an Small,Emerging Organization?Importance of 1-1 coaching than trainings

Any transformation in the organization starts with leadership at the top. People follow the leader. Once the leader changes his mindset, beliefs, values, behavior and aligns the action in line with the higher needs, the entire organization starts to follow. Even though the leaders are aware of the transformation process from various sources like books, training programmes, interaction with successful people etc. still the real change should happen within. For some people, it is difficult to inculcate a new thought process and evolve from self. They need trusted external source to guide and facilitate the transformation process with the personalized format. The coaching process helps the leader at a personal level to get transformed.

When 1-1 coaching is required:

When the leader wants to take the organization to the next level and willing to make it happen, but there is a gap between what he wants and what he is now. The 1-1 coaching process will help the leader to bridge the gap through personalized support and professional help.

The following benefits the leader gets during the coaching

  • Clarity on what  he really wants to achieve
  • Knowing more about the self  in terms of strength, area for improvement
  • Identifying the beliefs which are holding or pulling down from achieving goals
  • Identifying the behaviors which are affecting the growth
  • Getting personalized help to convert the limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs
  • Getting hand holding during the change management process
  • Getting a constructive critique  on behavior which affects the growth

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